Wire & Cable

For more than 100 years, we’ve provided just-in-time wire and cable solutions for projects of any size.

Our team provides quick quotes and order fulfillment, supported by a large and complete inventory spread across a network of 60+ locations. With long-standing manufacturer and supplier relationships, we are confident we can meet any specifications you have in mind.

Let us fast-track your wire and cable needs so you can get to work – #alwaysatEECOL.

Wired for success

Speed and accuracy is what sets us apart

Quick turnaround times

Whatever your need, we’re responsive because we know time costs you money.

Extensive inventory

With a network of 60+ locations, our real-time inventory pool cannot be rivalled.

On-site wire cutting

Every location has custom cutters standing by to meet your order specifications.

True industry experience

After 100 years, we’ve built strong manufacturer and supplier relationships.

Our solutions

Specialist support

We carry wire and cable for every application. Our value-added services include consultation on quotes and product selection, complete cutting and labelling, and cable coiling services at our larger centres.


Markets we serve





Voice & data communications

Renewable energy




Food processing

Wire & cable products

Power utility products

Ensure any project will provide the best and most reliable transfer of power to customers.

  • Overhead and Underground Power Cables
  • Medium and High Voltage Cables
Building wire

We support and provide solutions to all your wire needs no matter the size of the project.

  • Commercial Wire
  • Residential Wire
  • Industrial Wire
Armored cables

Protect your projects by using industry certified solutions to ensure long lasting lifetime and maximum protection.

  • Teck
  • Corrflex
  • ACWU
  • IEC Type Wire Armored Cables
Portable cords

EECOL's Wire and Cable experts will provide any support and products required for optimal implementation in machinery and any kind of system development.

  • Rig Cable
  • Severe Usage Cable
  • High Temperature Cables
  • Crane Cables
Mining Cables

Heavy duty cables and wiring needed for mining operations and any project looking for long term performance in harsh environments.

  • SHDC Shielded Cable
  • GGC Cable
Instrumentation & control cables

For any instrumentation and control systems the efficiency and quality of the connection is essential. With our large inventory we will not only provide the right products but ensure simple implementation.

  • Armored Cables
  • Unarmored Cables
Communication cables

Communication and information are the most important part of any business. With a vast cable inventory and trained specialists, EECOL ensures that the transfer of informationa nd data is not only seamless but is also secure.

  • Fiber Optic Cable
  • Copper Communication Cables
  • Category Cable
Wire & cable accessories

Our large inventory of accessories and broad support services guarantee that we have the necessary products needed for all solutions

  • Connectivity Products
  • Trays and Accessories
  • Installation Equipment and Supplies
  • Splicing and Termination Products
  • Cable Hangers and Systems
  • Conduit and Conduit Support Systems