EECOL Specialist Support

Tooling Recommendations

We work with multiple tooling manufacturers to constantly introduce innovative solutions, including ergonomic advances to reduce body strain and enhance worker efficiency. Our mission is to deploy these tools into the field as swiftly as possible while ensuring workers get up to speed on proper use.

Tools, Tooling, and Equipment

Our tooling reach extends to safety gear and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), fall protection, test equipment, infrared technology, cable and fault locators, pole climbing equipment, stringing equipment, cable pulling, splice & termination tools, hand tools, battery-operated tools, hydraulic tools and beyond.

Local Certified Testing

Safety always comes first. We are certified in testing safety gear and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for rubber products like gloves, hot sticks, and ground sets.

Customized Kits

Save yourself the time and headache of sourcing and assembling parts with our fully customizable pre-kitted splice or termination kits.

Full Infrared Reporting and Forward Looking Infrared (FLIR) support

Need assistance with your infrared reporting? We have a Level 1 Certified Thermographer and offer full Forward Looking Infrared (FLIR) support.

Manufacturer Training

We offer onsite manufacturer training at your facility to help your crew learn about the benefits and features of new tools and equipment. We aim to help you be safe, efficient, and confident when using their products.

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How High-Voltage Support Works

Whatever kind of high-voltage support you need, our process works the same way.

Step 1 – Connect

Fill out a quick online form to help us understand your needs, or stop by your local EECOL branch to connect.

Step 2 – Information Gathering

A member of our EECOL team will reach out to learn more about your unique high-voltage challenge.

Step 3 – Assessment

After collecting the information, we work with our manufacturers' network to create the best solution for your timing and budget needs.

Step 4 – Final recommendations

We deliver our final recommendations with a range of options and price points.

Step 5 – Ongoing Support

We stand behind you and our solutions. If something arises, just email or call us – we’re here to help.

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