EECOL Automation Audits

Machine Safeguarding Audit

Workplace safety is a top priority. Partnering with industry-leading machine-safeguarding manufacturers, we recommend custom safety solutions for your applications. These include confirming proper installation and operations and training staff in the latest provincial and national standard industry regulations and practices.

Power Quality Audit

Industrial equipment is susceptible to various power quality issues, such as harmonics, surges, and power factor deviations. We use passive and active equipment solutions to ensure these events never impact your facility and production.

Cybersecurity and Risk Audit

Operational technology isn’t always built to run traditional IT or security software. An audit can help you eliminate unplanned downtime by preventing security incidents, not responding to them. Our team visits your site to identify components in a system, determine what is at risk from unprotected or outdated patches or software revisions, and make recommendations based on the findings.

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How Automation Support Works

Whatever kind of automation support you need, our process works similarly.

Step 1 – Connect

Contact us today to fill out a quick form to help us understand what you need, or stop by your local EECOL branch to walk us through it.

Step 2 – Information Gathering

A member of our EECOL team will reach out to learn more about your specific lighting needs and, in the case of an audit, book a time to visit the site.

Step 3 – Assessment

After collecting the information and/or conducting an audit, we assess the information in order to create the best solution for your timing and budget needs.

Step 4 – Final Recommendations

We deliver our final recommendations to you – whether it’s a lighting design with a quote and specifications or a retro-fit audit. We give you a roadmap with lots of options for you or your client.

Step 5 – Ongoing Support

We stand behind you and our products. If something should ever come up, just email or call us – we’re here to help.

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